"Every one of the challenges facing Milwaukee County can be addressed - but we need to elect leaders who are willing to work with others they may not always agree with.  Needless lawsuits, petty name-calling, and divisive rhetoric do not move us forward. 

To realize our potential as a community we need to work together. Unless we change the folks we elect to the County Board, I don't see that happening.


"If you're ready for new leadership, I hope you'll join our team."

                                                                                                                             - Casey

My Top Priorities


Our parks have been neglected for years. Continually pushing essential maintenance down the road needs to stop. New, innovative public-private partnerships have gone a long way towards generating revenue to maintain the parks system, but more must be done to ensure the next generation enjoys the same world-class parks that we have.


Ensuring that Milwaukee residents have the mobility to get to and from work is critical to addressing long term economic challenges facing County residents and job creators. Without adequate means to connect the un- and underemployed with employment centers, too many members of our community can't fully access the spaces and places that make Milwaukee great.  Milwaukee County needs to take a look at and borrow innovative ways used by other regional economic centers to ensure everyone in our community can quickly and easily get to and from not only work, but also entertainment and shopping districts. 


Today's economy is very different than it was even five years ago - much less 25 years ago. Unfortunately, municipal workforce development efforts have not kept pace. Updating our workforce development infrastructure must begin with a comprehensive assessment of what has worked, and what hasn't. For the efforts that work - let's figure out how to leverage those successes to connect even more workers with jobs. For those that don't - we have to be willing to make the tough call and redirect our efforts.


Madison has continually hacked away at Milwaukee County's budget. Every local official must be willing to work together to craft a pro-growth, responsible budget  that works for Milwaukee. Unfortunately, the current budget negotiations have already soured and been side-tracked by the same name calling that we see each time county government faces a challenge.  In order to balance the budget and protect tax payer dollars, we have to be able to work together at the County level, as Madison isn't going to help.  We need responsible leadership that isn't afraid to make tough decisions that enhance and move our community forward. 


Milwaukee County has been recognized as a national leader in ensuring that our residents access and benefit from the Affordable Care Act. With the ongoing sabotage of health insurance reform, it is more important than ever that at the community level we continue to provide the support necessary to citizens so they can lead healthy, productive lives. At the same time, Milwaukee County must continue to make investments in mental health care and substance abuse treatment and prevention a top priority. The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis and must be confronted head on with all of the tools at our disposal at the local level.


There is no greater failure of a community than to neglect its commitments to those who have served our nation. We must make every effort to serve those who have served us by eradicating homelessness among veterans and identifying new ways to advance these capable, brave, and motivated individuals.   Milwaukee County must never waver in its commitment to the role we play in connecting our troops to the support they need to thrive as they transition back to civilian life.  


There are a lot of other pressing issues that need to be addressed by Milwaukee's County Board of Supervisors. Please feel free to contact me directly at Shorts4MKESupervisor@gmail.com to let me know your thoughts, questions, and concerns.  


Understanding the environmental issues facing Milwaukee requires listening to the community and consulting experts in the field.  The Estabrook Dam fiasco that played out over the past few years was completely unnecessary.  Endless litigation and lobbying should have never been necessary.  In 2009, the dam was deemed to be hazardous. Every credible subsequent study showed the dam was harming the Milwaukee River.  The harm to the river combined with the costly price tag to taxpayers in repairing an already-condemned dam should have been a clear sign to all parties that removal was the only choice.  Similarly, further environmental decisions should not be caught up in political purgatory. It's time for the County Board and Executive to work together to protect our environment. 

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